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Next Unconference: Nov 9, 2022 Next event: Nov 9, 2022

Next event: Nov 9th — 11am ET / 17h CET

Hosted by Frontside Software
  1. 12:00pm ET / 18:00 CET

    Backstage Users Unconference

    Backstage is rapidly evolving at the platform level, expanding to new adopters, and growing within our organizations.

    Attendees shared their experiences around eight topics, from testing and updating Backstage to system graphing best practices and collaboration across teams.

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Next Unconference: Nov 9, 2022 Next event: Nov 9, 2022
  1. Backstage Users Unconference March 2022

    In this unconference, attendees shared their experiences around testing and updating Backstage, driving TechDocs adoption, among other topics voted by the community.

  2. May's for versioning!

    Backstage is enabling teams to discover new collaboration possibilities. But as they consume and develop more decoupled services, consistent versioning across the ecosystem becomes critical to orchestrating compatibility and autonomy.

  3. March 2021 - it was our first show!

    In this show, Iain introduced us to Roadie's advanced Backstage use-case—running it as a service! Then, Dominnik shared how they came up with the API docs plugin for Backstage at SDA SE and where the project is headed.

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