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  1. Jeff Madison portrait

    Convincing InfoSec that integrations are safe

    Jeff Madison, Chief Architect at NAVEX

    Jeff Madison, Chief Architect at NAVEX, facilitated a session sharing his experiences around InfoSec and Backstage integrations.

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  2. Taras Mankovski portrait Frontside Software logo

    Demo of Ingestion Integration Testing

    Taras Mankovski, CEO at Frontside Software

    Taras and Charles from the Frontside team demonstrate their solution for testing ingestors in Backstage. An article explaining the approach is also available -

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  3. Oliver Paraskos portrait

    Dissecting domain and systems modeling

    Oliver Paraskos, Senior Software Engineer at Flux

    Oliver Paraskos, Senior Engineer at Flux, lead a discussion to understand the role of domains and how to use them in Backstage. The attendees also shared their experience using systems, and outlined their relationship with domains.

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  4. David portrait Roadie logo

    Driving TechDocs Adoption

    David, Chief Roadie at Roadie

    David, from Roadie, facilitated a session to cover common pain points and strategies to help developers find value in the documentation within their Developer Portal.

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  5. Justin Selleck portrait

    Homepage plugin and use cases

    Justin Selleck, Principal DevOps Eng at SANS

    Justin Selleck, Principal DevOps Engineer at SANS, facillitated a session discussing use cases, challenges, and opportunities for the new homepage plugin.

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  6. Richard Pearson portrait

    Keeping Backstage up to date

    Richard Pearson, Engineering Manager at Moonpig

    Richard Pearson, Engineering Manager at Moonpig, facillitated a discussion on how to keep Backstage packages and data up to date.

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  7. Cooper Berson portrait

    Using Backstage to catalog monolithic services

    Cooper Berson, Platform Engineer at Quizlet

    Cooper Berson, Platform Engineer at Quizlet, introduced a use-case of monolithic services. The attendees discussed ideas on how to model the monolith without blowing up maintenance costs.

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  8. Thomas Ferrin portrait

    Allowing more teams to contribute to Backstage

    Thomas Ferrin, UX Researcher at Ad Hoc

    Thomas Ferrin and the AdHoc team shared their use-cases and ideas to let other teams contribute plugins and own parts of Backstage.

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